About Us

Welcome to your legacy of financial freedom with Investment Realty of Atlanta! We are excited to embark on this new venture with you, as you invest for the first time or as you continue to invest in your future.

Here at IRA, YOUR investment matters most and we specialize in giving you the keys to success! We take pride in our extensive industry knowledge, resources and our experience with closing the best deals with the best profits for our clients! Our confidence is underwritten by our success rate, and our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful in this investment and every future real estate investment you make.

Our innovative coaching program, not only allows you the opportunity to make a profit through a designated investment project, but also, each candidate will be individually trained on every aspect of the real estate investment process from beginning to end including:

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Earn While You Learn!

IRA provides you with the opportunity to learn the business of real estate investing while making a profit on a live deal!

Turn Your Dreams into a Lifestyle!

Meet the Founder

Natesha is the Founder of Investment Realty of Atlanta, an Investment Real Estate firm specializing in real estate investment coaching for people looking to create wealth through real estate. Her vision for the company is rooted in her passion to create a gateway to wealth for people everywhere.

She is the poster child for all things real estate and has enjoyed success across all aspects of the industry. She began as loan officer, where she learned the business of real estate and from there owned a property restoration company, managed a luxury property concierge agency, became a residential and commercial agent and then a broker. She now thoroughly enjoys the thrill of prime real estate investing, and manages multiple live deals throughout the year.

Natesha is considered a thought leader and guru by her peers, who praise her state of the art real estate investment training program, that allows coaching clients to “earn while they learn” through step by step training on live deals, with the potential to make profits.

Quote from Natesha: “Real Estate Investing allows me to do everything I love, and helping people is my passion, what better way to enjoy your passion than to get paid while doing it.”

Mogul Moments with Natesha Blalock


IRA's Keys to Success



You get what you give

Knowledge is POWER

For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction

Turn your dreams into a lifestyle


Know your worth - when you know your worth, you make different decisions

Remain open to receiving

Everything you can imagine is real

Be the change you want to see


Our Satisfied Clients

Lauren Williams

As a newcomer to the real estate investment industry, Natesha's leadership has provided comfort that I am making the right decisions to make a profit and become successful.

L'Shani Jacobs

I made the personal decision to invest with IRA because of their unique coaching platform. I was able to earn a profit while learning everything I needed to know to become an independent real estate investor. The coaching program is amazing, and Natesha was there to answer all of my questions every step of the way.

Rodriguez Taylor

IRA has proven to be very well versed and knowledgeable when it comes to investing.  If you are looking to become a 'pro' in this industry, IRA is the way to go!

Caprice Little

I had no clue what I was doing when I first became interested in real estate investment.  Natesha gave me the confidence and skills I needed to become an investing guru.  Thanks IRA!